Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dubbed "Public Parson of Pubs (In Plenary)"

To heap honour upon honour is but to humble a man.

In seminary we had a regular meeting after our community night - for reasons shrouded in the mists of history, we called it staff meeting, and we met at the local pub for a glass of beer, soda, or some other frothy beverage. (They would even blow the dust off a box of wine for the most faithful staffer on faculty, John Kater.) I had the great honour of being appointed as chief of staff, and became responsible for gathering and leading the seminarians, family members, and faculty down the street to the local pub. My pledge was to keep the custom of extended table fellowship alive and well.

But now? After the great honour of being sometime chief of staff, I have been asked yet again to gather the faithful around a glass of something good to drink. I've been appointed, by an Edmontonian delegate, as "Public Parson of Pubs (In Plenary)" for the upcoming General Synod.

I accept this appointment with gladness. And, in keeping with my new vocation, I will keep a running list of great places in Winnipeg to gather for theological conversations around something good to drink.

Keep the suggestions coming, faithful of Winnipeg!

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