Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chrysostom on the Transfiguration Redux

I'm preparing to preach on the transfiguration tomorrow, and in so doing, I took a look at an old post.

That looking back has created a certain amount of angst.

The post is good - I like it a lot, and my thoughts haven't strayed too far from what I wrote then. But can hardly imagine saying anything quite like this tomorrow. But why not? Am I not giving the parish enough credit? Why am I tempted to make things simpler tomorrow? Is this not the good news? Don't we deserve more than simple platitudes and life-lessons in preaching? That post is not simple, nor is it platitudinous. But I'm feeling consistently pulled towards moral simplicity and platitude as I prepare my sermons. I still don't do it that often. But I do know how much people love it when I do.

Part of me wishes that that post would preach. Chrysostom is brilliant. But, I'm absolutely sure, even though I really wish I could preach something like this tomorrow, when I get into that pulpit nothing like it will be in my manuscript.

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Blogger catherine said...

I wonder if part of the difference might be the medium? When I read your older post, I can follow along, but I find I have to go back sometimes and re-read a sentence or a part of a paragraph. If I was listening to you preach, I couldn't do that, since you don't come with a fancy, pausing-live-action remote control...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 9:37:00 PM  

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