Sunday, January 07, 2007


A parishioner, and musician, shared this hymn with me after church today. It is from the Canadian hymnal, The Book of Common Praise, Revised, 1938, p. 90.

I found it quite moving, and sad that there aren't more opportunities to sing Epiphany hymns.

The heavenly Child in stature grows

The heavenly Child in stature grows,
and, growing, learns to die;
and still his early training shows
his coming agony.

The Son of God his glory hides
with parents mean and poor;
and he, who made the heavens, abides
in dwelling-place obscure.

Those mighty hands that rule the sky
no earthly toil refuse;
the Maker of the stars on high
a humble trade pursues.

He, whom the choirs of angels praise,
bearing each dread decree,
his earthly parents now obeys
in deep humility.

For this thy lowliness revealed,
Jesus, we thee adore;
and praise to God the Father yield
and Spirit evermore.


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