Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Via Crucis 2006: Stations 7 & 8

From Station 7 (His Second Fall) from Jason Clark:

"How many of us have grow weary and fallen down in the act of following Jesus, into his mission, through his body, the Church. From being overwhemed with the need to experience the %u2018life%u2019 the world sell us, with it%u2019s nevery ending stream of sales pitch images that fill our minds and souls, whilst we struggle for signifance."

From Station 8 (He Meets the Women of Jerusalem) at Dry Bones Dance:

"I guess if you are being led away to your own crucifixion, you tend to be in an apocalyptic mood. I don't know everything that Jesus meant by all of that, but I imagine it had something to do with the way that evil doesn't stay contained in one place very well. They thought they could just kill one man, and that would be the end of it, but then people started talking resurrection and they had to keep going with the killing.

Jesus knew that his death would lead to resurrection, but there's a whole lot of death that just leads to a higher body count. Maybe He was saying, 'You think this is bad? Darlins, this ain't the half of it, and if you want to mourn it all, you'll be wailing until your throats are raw and all you can do is whisper out your grief. And you still won't be done, because all this death isn't going to stop for a long long time.'"

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