Sunday, April 09, 2006

Via Crucis 2006: Stations 1 & 2

Stations 1 &2 are up at Via Crucis 2006.

From station 1 (Christ is condemned to death) at World of Your Making:

"Jesus, our brother, we stand in silence and observe your confrontation with the powers of those who ruled your world. We stand in silence as you are condemned. Standing in silence is not something new to us. We have stood silent in the face of overwhelming poverty. We have stood silent in the face of countless victims of terrorism, disaster, and war. We have stood silent in the face of those who are powerless and who seek refuge in our own communities. Like Pilate, we often stand in silence, bowed, broken, and afraid. Break the chains of our silence! Give us a holy courage, a stirring passion for the way of justice and peace, and grace to walk in the truth of who we really are."

From station 2 (the cross is laid upon him) at argent by the tiber:

"Ah, my Lord, You who are Heaven's Darling, now take on the sting of whip's cord, the prick of thorny crown, and the humiliation of mortal man's mockery. This bitter cup of suffering which was mine by right you willingly drink. Now the rhythmic descent of cruel whip lacerates the human frame with which you cloaked yourself for love of creatures. Little did we know of Father's pierced heart and angels' tears as pain wracked your sacred body. Then upon your battered shoulders the wood was laid. Yet sweet and blessed it is for Eden's wood defiled is now to be redeemed by Calvary's tree."



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