Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Say it A Little More Clearly, Preston

My wife tells me that I can be opaque, and she's right. So, a little more clearly:

My previous post is very much conditioned by my frustration with my primate, ++Andrew Hutchsion, who recently said concerning the blessing of same sex unions, that “we are dealing with a matter of doctrine except that all we do as Anglicans is related to doctrine; this is a matter of pastoral discipline.”

It seems that our Council of General Synod is hoping that we will ignore the findings of the St. Michael's Report, which said that we are dealing with a matter of doctrine, and that the blessing of same sex unions ought to be treated as such. But ++Andrew and CoGS wish to treat the matter as slightly less than doctrine, thereby bypassing the three years and 2/3 majorities needed to make the blessing of same sex unoins canonical.

Sorry, Primate's Commission, I guess we'd preferrably ignore your input on the matter. And sorry General Synod too, we're not going take the time to do this right.

You want my opinion on the matter? Read that previous post, but between the lines.


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