Thursday, February 01, 2007

An Evening at the Cathedral

You know me, Karen is to the right, then my sister Naila, then my Mum, then my Dad.

Yep, I'm looking pretty stunned. This was after nearly barfing and fainting (at the same time) before preaching - I was literally holding on the chancel rail in case I fell over. Then I preached - forgetting any bodily malady. After that I nearly fell asleep from exhaustion - the sacristan had to poke me when it came time to lay hands on the ordinand. Then, after the service was over, came the photo opportunities, and the stunned Preston. But enough confession!

What a great evening at the cathedral. There was between 300 and 400 people there, and just my mum to be ordained. But, alas, due to my condition (described above) I don't actually remember much of the service. After the service we ahd the obligatory tea and cookies, and the chance to catch up with many friends. Gifts were given, people thanked. And the evening ended at the Parsons house with a little 40 year old Cognac. I remember that.

Congratulations, Mum - may your new ministry be blessed!

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