Thursday, June 21, 2007

General Synod Report II

I made it over to General Synod this evening, in time to hear the Windsor Report Response Group motion get passed, without an amendment strengthening the language. The strengthening amendment debate was probably misplaced by the Communion conservatives, though I applaud the effort - this voice is one probably best preserved for the bigger Saturday motions.

One thing brilliantly executed, though, was a reversal on the "Draw the Circle Wide, Draw it Wider Still" theme of Synod (based on the hymn by the same name). The rhetorical force behind this choice was certainly intended to be in favour of inclusion, the way "inclusion" is more typically understood among the liberal decision makers. But twice I heard this Wider Still business being co-opted by pro-communion people while they responded to the motion on the floor. The logic was "why not draw the circle wider and include the whole communion as we reflect on motion x?" Brilliant. Don't over-use it though, folks.

I thought that the Primatial election was closed to observers, but word is that we will be allowed in. I'll sit in on some of if I get there in time. So off I'll go, to sit in an old church (with no air-conditioning) at least until my early afternoon appointment. Parish life doesn't come to a standstill, even if Synod's in town.

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Blogger rob said...

Hi. I'm writing because I think I might be a fan...
There is a baby priest on wondercafe
too... Are you the baby priest that posted the discussion 'Confessions of a teenage runaway?' on because if you are congratulations - its brilliant.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 6:08:00 PM  

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