Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Bookish Surprise

I've been preparing to teach a course on liturgy and worship here at St. John's College, so I was filling in some blanks in my library. I just got:

At first I was a little disappointed to find some underlining in its pages. Until I turned to the inside of the front cover to find this:

"James F. White, South Bend, 1982". Yep, this guy.

So I guess I'm not minding the markings so much anymore.

Update: This is weirder - and cooler - than I first realized. My liturgics professor had recommended Cuming's book in seminary (recommended? not required? what, you want me to spend my beer money?), but I didn't buy it then. Then, a month ago while reading Professor White's Protestant Worship: Traditions in TransitionI came across Cuming's classic again, so I decided to order it.

So, the very copy of the book that I was prompted to order, because of Professor White, was likely in his hand as he was writing the chapter that prompted me to get a copy of the book for myself.

Life is strange!


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