Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Manitoba Diocese in the News

It's not everyday that you see the words Manitoba, Anglican, and Bishop in one secular news story. I wish that it was better press, but we also taste the bitterness of the animosity in our Communion. I'm not sure what motivated +Jim, but some ECUSAn's have seen it as part of a larger pattern of anathematization (check the comments). Could it really be part of a vast liberal conspiracy? Seems unlikely to me. Others think its just lampoon-worthy. To be honest, I don't think the paper itself looks all that bad.

This is not my bishop or diocese, by the way, but a neighboring one.

Pray for us all, Canadian Anglicans, ECUSAns, and anyone else frustrated and angry within our Communion. Many of us are already in pain from the wounds of this battle, and even actions in a diocese very far away can feel like another kick to the kidney. God help us!



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