Friday, April 14, 2006

Via Crucis 2006: Stations 11 & 12

From Station 11 (His Crucifixion) at sententiae et clamores:

"The man on the cross. The man nailed to the cross. Flesh pierced and tearing as the cross is raised. The battle of the lungs against the weight of his own body. The thirst. Gasping.The mockery continues. Who mocks a dying man, even if he is a criminal?Even a dying criminal taunts him.But another speaks with faith. Condemned justly to death for his crimes, he alone seems to see a man who has a kingdom to come into. He asks the broken, dying man to remember him. Another of the first Christians.

We are near the end."

From Station 12 (His Death on the Cross) at Cirque de moi:

"On this Good Friday, I remember why He died. I remember his agony in the garden. Why must we meditate upon his suffering? Why not just recall the Resurrection? For me that answer is simple. I need to recall my part in His death. I need to 'see' again my sins that cost Him his life. I need to 'feel' the pain that our Lord chose to endure to help me to amend my life and resolve to not commit that sin again, with God's grace. Thank you Lord for all that you have done for me. Help me to live my life completely for you and to embrace the crosses that you have blessed me with."

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