Friday, October 20, 2006

First Snow

We had our first snowfall a couple of days ago. There was something comforting about it, but in a strange way. It felt both exotic and familiar at the same time.

When people learn that I am moving back to Winnipeg from California, the response is often quizzical. Finally a young woman at the Tim Hortons said what I think was on everybody else's mind when they heard about our move. "What in the world did you do that for?" she blurted.

Her response was a very Winnipeg kind of response. Aside from the fact that we were in Tim Horton's, her response was honest, and there was no anxiety about our feelings. The truth is, and this is something great about Winnipeg, is that people are comfortable saying what they think. There is no perceived threat in saying something truthfully and straghtforwardly.

This difference in attitude has come up a number of times in conversation, and a few people have noted that relationships here in the northlands may just be that much more resilient because of the harshness of the climate. It is almost as if the cold weather gives us an ability to live with others regardless of their particular peculiarities. We're going to have to tough things out together anyway, so why worry about minor offense?

The result of this relational resiliency, as I see it, is a much richer texture to conversation and friendship. So, if living here cultivates the attitude of "we can work it out," and that means that people reveal more about themselves, and their thoughts, without worrying about small offenses -

I'm all for the snow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Preston, interesting perspective. Do we become less understanding, less amenable to communicating, during the summer months when we bask in the sun?? Or do those nasty mosquitoes keep us being the friendly, candid population that we are??

Wondering if you guys found a house.....update your blog with these details!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 8:06:00 PM  
Blogger Preston said...

There will be house news very soon, Julie - with a picture.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 9:07:00 PM  

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