Monday, June 05, 2006

Another Reason to Love Baseball

"'When I found out that her ring had been stolen, my heart dropped,' Woehl said. 'That's just horrible. [Kelly] keeping that box must have been a thorn in her side for years. I felt strongly that it should go back to its rightful owner. It was a wonderful feeling to give it back.'

In addition to the ceremony before Sunday's game, the A's also donated $4,000 to Habitat for Humanity under Rob Woehl's name. The money will go towards a home that is being built about two miles from the Coliseum.

Woehl decided to give the ring back for a few reasons. One was his wife, Natalie, wasn't too happy about him spending $3,500 on eBay.

'I didn't tell her [right away,]' Woehl said. 'The wife was none too pleased about me spending that kind of money. It was a long week.'

Kelly added, 'His wife made him feel really guilty about it.'

Another reason, perhaps more important, was to be an example to his two sons: Hayden and Nathan.

'My wife and I wanted to show our two boys that even though the ring was lawfully mine that morally and ethically it was not right to keep it,' Woehl said. 'If they were able to grasp the meaning of giving and doing what's right, that's all we can hope for.'"

Read the rest here.

I've grown to love the game of baseball during my time in the U.S. It is this kind of side-story that might help you understand why.


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