Saturday, July 29, 2006

Orthodox Theologian Speaks on Modern Deserts

An interview with John Chryssavgis:

"Q: What unifies the desert fathers and mothers?

Chryssavgis: If there is one element that unites the desert fathers and mothers, in my mind it is their realism.

The unpretentious dimension of their life and experience, of their practice as well as their preaching, is something they share with one another and with all the communion of saints through the centuries.

And precisely because they are truthful and down-to-earth, the desert fathers and mothers are not afraid to be who they are. They do not endeavor to present a false image; and they do not accept any picture of themselves that does not reflect who they really are.

'Stay in your cell,' they advise us. Because so often we are tempted to move outside, to stray away from who and what we are.

Learning to face who and what we are -- without any facade, without any make-up, without any false expectations -- is one of the hardest and at the same time, one of the finest lessons of the desert. Putting up with ourselves is the first and necessary step of learning to put up with others. And it is the basis for recognizing how all of us -- each of us and the entire world alike -- are unconditionally embraced and loved by God."

Read the rest here.


Blogger Elliot said...

At first I misread the title and thought it said "Orthodox Theologian Speaks on Modern Desserts."

"Yes, I like a nice tiramisu, but the schmoo best represents the Cosmic Christ..."

Monday, July 31, 2006 12:38:00 PM  
Blogger *Christopher said...

Thanks for the pointer. He's one of my favorite writers on the elders.

Monday, July 31, 2006 1:18:00 PM  

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